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          Maharashtra Institute of Management (MIM) is proud to present details of our enterprising and dynamic institute. The success of MIM mainly rests on five pillars they are:

  1. Proven system of education members
  2. Dedicated and experienced faculty
  3. Disciplined environments
  4. Academy Industry Interface
  5. Care for needy students

The methodologies followed are Presentations, Seminars, Industry visits, Case Study, Projects and Field Experience, which help the students to develop their personality academically and professionally. The rich and varied experience of our faculty members in the industry enables them to be highly effective in citing real life examples while handling the theory. This helps them to convert from fresher to the professionals and thus make them employment-ready to suit the corporate needs. We at Maharashtra Institute Management (MIM) attempt to present many opportunities for our students to get engaged in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to showcase their talents and improve their skills. Apart from this, our students participate in major management fests that are being organized by other colleges and win prizes and accolades from all the management’s fests. We are also members of Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) and have various other clubs and forums in the campus like Literary Club, Student Activity Programs (SAP), etc. to improve our students organizing, Management, presentation, communication and other soft skills.